For members with less than 3 years of service, submit all evaluations. Candidates must be US citizens. Candidates who do not pass the longer, more intense test are removed from training and reclassified to other jobs in the US Navy, or maybe moved to another class. For SEAL challenge information see reference b , volume 5, chapter 2, section 1. Used to report any interval changes to health history or physical exam since last valid periodic dive medical exam. Supporting military and civilian law enforcement agencies. Applicants must meet physical examination and standards per reference c.

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Member must have considerable comfort level when in a waterborne environment.

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Waiver must be completed. Inthe SWCC breast insignia was approved.

Failure or unwillingness to perform duties required of the rating. Maritime special operations tactics; Small unit leadership; Detailed mission planning; Cultural awareness; Advanced weapons tactics; Depot level maintenance; Tactical communications; Advanced craft operations and preventive and corrective maintenance; Long-range, over the horizon, and riverine navigation; Tactical combat medicine; and Intelligence operations.

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Past 3 years of Enlisted Performance Evaluations all trait marks, 3. There are a few situations in which personnel are unable to meet the physical standards for SO duties; to include diving, parachute, and demolition operations; through no fault or lack of diligence on the member’s part. Strong motivation, interest in the rating, and willingness to work diligently in the academic and operational training phases is required. Do you suffer from motion sickness or fear of enclosed spaces?


Pressure test conducted by: Applicants who are applying for rating conversion must take the following steps: SWCCs support and perform maritime special operations in open ocean, littoral, and riverine environments. Of hundreds of thousands who contact NSW recruiting every year, maybe 10, work with a recruiter to prepare, and less than will end up cleared for training, Smith said.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Berthing military pay system, military rights and responsibilities, and moral, milpersmaan and recreation.

The initial medical examination will be valid for a month period. CH, 14 Nov The SO rating is designated as an advanced technical field program. America, israel, EU, japan, south korea vs china, russia, iran, syria, north korea, who wins? Reference a further describes each of the NEC codes: Candidates who do not pass the longer, more intense test are removed from training and reclassified to other jobs in the US Navy, or maybe moved mikpersman another class.

Administered per reference d.

For policy on specific NEC requalification refer to the following: Conduct a Diving Medical Examination. The following documents can be found within the various websites listed in the Useful Links Section below.


The medical examinations may be conducted at hospitals, clinics, or dispensaries capable of accomplishing or coordinating all required milpersmam elements. Training is extremely demanding, both mentally and physically, and produces the world’s best maritime warriors.

Naval Special Warfare combatant craft units were reorganised twice in the s and again in During these 7-weeks, candidates will undertake timed runs, swimming pool, bay and ocean and calisthenics, as well milperdman enjoying the obstacle course. Enlist from another Branch of Military Service.

Can you get a waiver for Celiac Disease for the Navy Seals.?

Prospective candidates can increase their chances of being selected for Basic Crewman Training and succeeding in training by having optimum PST scores or better. About 60 days before a candidate separates transfers from the military branch in which they currently serve, they should request a Statement of Service from their current command. Do we need a little more Navy Seal and a lot less Teleprompter? A score of a 50 would mean a candidate was in the 50th percentile, or have an average score.

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