You should not use the credit limit for budgeting as the amount you owe is not capped or limited by any credit limit we set. Update 9th April For example, if you are midway between two 4G masts operating on the same frequency, the signal from one will interfere with the other. I have googled and cannot find anything about FMS. From my own testing, Three no longer gives network priority to their official broadband SIMs like they did in the past. For example, although the Omni-directional antennas can pick up the signal from any direction, its horizontal element is actually directional, so aiming the antenna can make a noticeable difference to the download speed as 4G makes use of both the vertical and horizontal elements, each connected by a separate wire to the router. They include a 30 day guarantee, twice as long as the standard 14 day cooling off period.

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The speed was very impressive for the time of evening, but then again they are in a rural area, so the cell tower they are picking up is lightly loaded. You should not use the credit limit for budgeting as the amount you owe is not capped or limited by any credit limit we set.

The following options below are a few prepay plans worth considering for those who do not want to sign up to any contract. Vodafone is the only network that mosem supports phone and mobile broadband use with the one SIM card.

In the past, they said it adds GB one-off for the remainder of the current monthwhile more recently they said it takes effect from the next billing cycle. For all three networks, a good way to start is to get a lend of a phone for each network and walk around the house including the loft if possible to find the spot with the strongest 4G signal.


If you have a chimney block going through the loft or a large metal enclosure such as a filing cabinet, try running a speed test with the modem placed mgeor each side, regardless of the signal reading as long as it remains connected.

Meteor Broadband Offer

This can also be useful to swap a SIM back and forth between a router and a phone that require difference size SIM cards. When this happens, Internet connectivity drops even when the router is rebooted or still shows a connection.

But now that the day deal has been discontinued what sim package would you recommend for a light or occasional user? The connection drops once they use up the data allowance.

Meteor Huawei Wifi Modem For Sale in Cavan, Cavan from STEFCHI1

moodem As a quick example, compare the above right speed test against the following file download from Heanet, both tests performed one after the other during peak time.

Followed Threads appear in the “My Threads” tab on the homepage. See my other articles for router and antenna advice: Thanks for the info. They include a 30 day guarantee, twice as long as the standard 14 day cooling off period. Stay up to date with what’s happening! The HomePlug Wi-Fi kits on the other hand tend to work well and typically deliver around 40Mbps depending on the Internet source speed.

Update 23rd January The first where on the Vodafone network and mteoor second set was after I ported to Three prepay.

Vodafone bars on forced 4G are giving up to 20mb download even at peak times. For those with a weak signal signal, it has two TS9 antenna connectors. What do you reckon, regards, JD. For example, there is a substantial difference at peak time between the throughput YouTube gets compared to what a file download gets. It also maintains a speed test history. For the Vodafone and Eir Meteor networks, the test results give a rough indication of what can be achieved with a dedicated router. They appear to use the Three network directly for the GB and unlimited plans and Vodafone for the small GB plan.


Eir owns the Meteor network, so it is no surprise that their Eir Mobile plans all operate on the Meteor network. For those with an existing landline telephone, this can work out cheaper than getting a separate fixed wireless or mobile broadband plan while keeping the landline. You may contact Three Customer Services at any time to find out your then current credit limit.

Huawei E586 Modem locked to Meteor?

Three has introduced a Visitor prepay SIM, intended for tourists. Finally found someone who know what I was tlaking about but advised that because I can get standard dsl 2mb I cannot avail of the 4g mobile broadband promotion. After 30 days do the same again. They operate out of the Mkdem based on speaking with someone who had to contact their technical support.

For example, various speed tests such as Ookla, Fast. Leave this field empty. I visited a couple who were able to avail of the Eir 4G mobile broadband.

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