Be the first to review this product. New Customer Account information E-mail Address: This can autodetect the edges of shapes in a captured image. The dynamic range and sensitivity to light have been vastly improved since ‘. They are anodised metal well machined and with attention to detail, e. This is standalone image editing software as well as the interface for image capture. It shows some promise for ‘digiscoping’ although the limited dynamic range may not cope with contrasty scenes.

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Motic have kindly told me that ‘ the chips inside the Moticam are updated from time to time, either on our input or from the chip manufacturer’.

If you do find a like for like product cheaper ,icroscope will aim to not just match it, but beat it! This can autodetect the edges of shapes in a captured image. The image controls give you the capability to adjust the live image, allowing you to change the white balance and colour.

The adaptor should sit flush on top of eyepiece before clamping. Below is the full screen. You have qualified for free shipping with this order. A personal review of the Moticam digital microscope camera. Please notify me of any special offers, events and news.


I use the relay lens with other ‘C’ mount cameras like the good value USB monochrome astronomy type for highest mag studies where colour isn’t crucial. At Burtons we know you have a choice to shop with us, that is why micrlscope always aim to delight our customers with a fast, easy, shopping experience.

Digital Stereo Microscope

Video is captured by pressing the button in the capture screen. Selection of images Click each for master. Coarse and fine focusing system with tension adjustment Fine Focus Precision: Countries Australia New Zealand. Home Motic Digital Microscope Solutions.

Software – Panthera,Microscope and Microscopy Solutions by Motic

With ASC Achromatic Super Contrast objective lenses, it delivers an extra contrast level compared to the standard achromatic versions. Thereby for example the session information or language setting are stored on your computer. A grey button bottom left allows full screen preview for motif preview settings. If you are sure you are already registered, please check the e-mail address you entered as user name. The so-called ‘C mount’ on camera mlcroscope relay lens is an industry standard, so if desired a simple adaptor can be bought from most microscope dealers to insert camera directly into eyepiece tube as shown earlier.

Seconds, minutes or hours between image captures can be selected.

For users with more efficient microscope lamps this may not be a factor. The included macro viewing tube is a stand that sits on the bench and holds the camera above a specimen.


Digital Microscope

A close-up of the capture parameter features is shown above. Click to see masters. The micrometer slide has calibrated spots and a 0. Comments to the motuc David Walker are welcomed.

At low mags like these the camera, like many diggies, is unforgiving of uneven field illumination. The Moticam ca. Could be useful for e.

This allows much less space to be taken up cf full 15fps video as well as speeding up slowish movement, in this case by a factor of 30x. The App will come pre installed on your tablet and your kit will also include the full Image Plus 2. Measurements can be taken at leisure afterwards on the mitic capture.

Please enter a valid e-mail address Title: A vigital try of the webcam with relay lens on 10×40 binoculars gave no vignetting. If the author’s often frustrating!

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