Unzip the file in a folder on your hard disk with Windows built-in unzip utility or a program like Winzip for instance. After installing the new version of driver, the system will require you to restart your computer. And what drivers do I get to make it work? Uninstall your old driver:. Out of Stock ETA: The quality of the Monoprice 12×9 inch Graphic Drawing Tablet is excellent. And this is a pity- Because in all aspects but ONE, the monoprice is equal to it’s wacom intuos rival tablet, at a fraction of the price.

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Price was a consideration, but this tablet is an absolute value. For quality vs price, you’re absolutely thrashing Wacom.

MonoPrice 6815 12×9 Inch Drawing Tablet for PC – 52KJEWJV2LQS

You won’t regret it. So much cheaper than other brands. And this is a pity- Because in all aspects but Monopriice, the monoprice is equal to it’s wacom intuos rival tablet, at a fraction of the price. If you do not monoprixe the pen pressure, it means the pen might be faulty. Next, the software options section didn’t even match up with those instructions. The pen fits his hands perfectly, and because of a physical disability, I am actually able to hold it comfortably.


In fact, I find this one easier to use than the Intuous since I don’t use all the buttons on the Intuous.

My productivity has increased immeasurably with this tablet – and that means more work in less time, and more money in my pocket: Aneta S on Dec 25, PRICE, price, and price. Questions For Similar Products. Review More Purchases My Posts. If it doesn’t work, please change the battery with a new one.

Wide area for fumbly hands like mine. I figured for 80 some dollars I’d give it a try and I must say I am not at all let down by my purchase. It includes several software utilities, such as PenSigner and PenMail, which allow you to use handwritten signatures and emails in your daily correspondence, adding a moonprice touch to what is usually thought of as an impersonal medium.

Monoprice Graphic Drawing Tablet User Manual | Page 20 / 21

Where does the Monoprice fall down? A small issue however is the portability of this tablet.

If the LED unlighted, that means your tablet is fault. You can download the latest version of driver directly from our website. If the light turns blue while the pen is hovering or touching monoprrice drawing surface, then there is a driver installed.

Unleash your inner artist with this Graphics Tablet from Monoprice! I highly recommend this tablet for professionals and beginners.


The one problem I have run into is that there were no replacement nibs for the pen and none of the staff that I contacted could resolve this problem. If I am not mistaken, Monoprice has a page with drivers for devices that they sell. When that happens I find shaking the pen to be the best solution.

Monoprice Graphic Drawing Tablet manuals

And occasionally the AAA will either shake loose, or not supply power. Open Box merchandise are products that have been purchased and delivered to other customers, and then returned to Also it doesn’t work. I noticed the thin sheet 685 plastic covering the drawing surface got bent after I made the mistake of setting something on top of it. The tablet is powered via USB, and will activate once you touch the pen to the surface.

Great customer service from Monoprice – I got my order monopric and shipping upgraded with I didn’t honestly expect to be this impressed.

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