Thank you so much Medialink! Some reviewers claimed that you didn’t need to use the install CD, just plug that little puppy into the usb port and it’ll be right as rain. Finally got it to work with Windows 7 64 bit Gerald Knauss Michigan, USA June 13, There are many horror stories of people trying to get their wireless adapters working with Windows 7 64 bit, this is one of those stories, but with a happy ending, eventually. Upon inspecting the fallen soldier I noticed some teeth marks in the plastic body. Make sure I read them right, for a Windows 7 install, didn’t work.

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This dongle is not yet listed on WD TV Live’s supported device list, and I’ve found no previous medkalink or reviews confirming this compatibility. Suddenly a little light went on over my head. My connection speeds were ridiculously 7kbps to 28kbps at most! I install it and within five minutes I was wireless. The signal strength was somewhat lower than the Intel card with its three antennae in the netbook lidwhich was understandable. While I wanted to believe that, I used the CD anyhow.

Make sure I read them right, for a Windows 7 install, didn’t work. So I went to Amazon. This adapter meets the most state of the art speed and coverage standards available. I removed my old USB adapter, inserted my installation CD, installed the software, plugged in my new USB adapter and at first I saw the same speeds of uab to 28kbps wifk the first 5 to 10 minutes of using it.


I believe that one of our cats had decided it adaptef a chew toy. Many devices on the market, wireless adapters in particular, “claim” to work with Windows 7, but upon further inspection they are only “compatible” or worse yet, just outright lying to your face that it’ll work. I now have FiOS speeds that I paid for.

Medialink Wireless-n USB 2.0 Adapter

I decided to give it a try. I recieved it two days later and proceeded to install the medialink wireless G USB adapter and again no success. I had no problems connecting, but the speeds that I was getting was actually dial-up speeds! YouTube videos were impossible to watch. I ended up aborting the install via task manager, but it must have been at a point where it was really done, but just couldn’t finish up for some reason, as the wireless software was working fine now and I was able to connect to my router!

Offering the ultimate in simplified Wi-Fi installation, the installation utility of this wireless adapter was designed so even the most novice user can install this product quickly and with ease. I mentioned the problem to my computer geek cousin and he told me to purchase a medialink wireless adapter as it supports Windows Vista 32 and It also works well with other 11g and 11n protocol wireless products.

Lo and behold, I plugged it in and it was recognized within seconds.

Note that this is a 2. Wireless transmission rates can reach up to Mbps.


However, when I rebooted and inserted the adapter, everything seemed to work. He said Mediabridge will ship it out right away at no cost. This product can also simultaneously operate ubs intensive applications such as voice, and video.


Then, simply plug in your adapter and begin adaptrr the convenience of your wi-fi network. It would sometimes resurrect itself like some little zombie, but would eventually return to it’s grave, one time finally for good.

At this point I was ready to cut open walls and run the ethernet cable to my computer. I received the wireless-N adapter the following day again,amazing. Ush time I managed to figure out how to use WPS and it connected with my router without problems. My speeds are almost identical to my pc that is directly connected to my router downstairs.

Great Company with a Big Bang for your Buck product RSV November 11, I own a computer that utilizes Windows Vista 64 bit and was not having success installing wireless adapters from two reputable companies. I tried it and it did work. In under a minute, the box was connected to my network and I was streaming YouTube video to my upstairs bedroom. Then all of the sudden, I saw a tremendous spike!

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