Recover Recover your files. Maxtor have been manufacturing hard disk drives for the PC and server market, with one of the best reputations for reliability, since This is normally diagnosed when the BIOS identifies the drive incorrectly. If you see the Maxtor model name listed incorrectly in the BIOS it more than likely means that it has been substituted for another, though incompatible model. Choose the Right Drive.

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Europe, Middle East, Africa. We’ve seen this problem with many Maxtor drives, most commonly the DiamondMax series with the incorrect description being shown as: Choose the Right Drive. When this occurs, the maxtlr will appear to have failed completely and not be shown in the BIOS at all. If the drive is going to be installed as a secondary device to another hard drive, then use the Slave setting outlined in the jumper diagram. If you see the Maxtor model name listed incorrectly in the BIOS it more than likely means that it has been substituted for another, though incompatible model.

In this configuration both the master and slave drives utilize the same jumper configuration that is, both devices are set to Cable Select. Consequently, we expect to see 6l0402l and 66l040l2 Maxtor drives appearing in notebook computers in the future. Upgrade Improve your storage. SSD Boost your performance.


DX Ultra ATA – Jumper, CHS, and Install Guide | Seagate Support

If your Maxtor drive wont mount, has crashed, or seems about to, we recommend you shut the unit down and contact us straight away for evaluation and diagnosis. Total accessible capacity varies depending on operating environment. 6l004l2

Just keep in mind that the Master device should always be attached to the end black connector on the Ultra ATA UDMA ribbon cable this cable is supplied with your retail box. Reference Seagate’s website for further information.


There are however, problems that are specific to certain Maxtor models. Consequently, the head or service issues can cause the drive to make a clicking noise, or display the wrong drive size at POST. For example, the model number 5TH6 is a GB hard drive. We support data recovery on all models of Maxtor Hard Disk Drives as follows: Exos Achieve greater capacity.

EMPower Get portable power. This numbering convention remained in existence for all Maxtor model numbers. This is caused by data corruption in the hard drive’s service area. An electronic fault develops on the controller board, normally caused by failure of the spindle mwxtor. Data Detect provides recovery on all Maxtor Drive Models – as shown.

Firmware corruption – probably the most common issue identified by our engineers on Maxtor drives. Incorrect sector boundaries – in this case, the drive is shown correctly in the BIOS but can display an error message such as: Surprisingly though Seagate have ordered a halt to the manufacture of portable 2. Nytro Leverage flash storage.


Rescue Rescue your data. Please read our Privacy Policy and User Agreement. Maxtor drives are generally reliable, but, like any drive, will fail for a number of maxxtor. Make sharing easier with AddThis for Firefox. Recovery software will fail to recover files and interrogation maxgor the hard disk drive will show incorrect sector boundaries as well as sometimes generating AMNF Address Mark Not Found error messages.

To use maxtr option you must use the Ultra ATA ribbon cable supplied in your retail box. If the drive is going to be installed as the only device on the ribbon cable, or is going to be installed as the boot drive, then the default Master setting can probably be used without any problems.

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