The metal frame is a heavy gauge steel and nickel plated by the looks of it – or possibly stainless steel. Well, give another brand a shot and if it works, well, you know to avoid the current ones Privacy policy and Terms of Use. I will ship internationally but to Canada only. Looks like there is some software on CDs 2 and 3 I’d like to install iPhoto, among others.

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The first and second problems keeps spanning or shows an audio track usually means that the drive isn’t reading the disk properly whatsoever either the disk’s fault or the reader’s. My perspective is a little different than yours. I’m still very puzzled why Disc 2 doesn’t install.

If that happens with all blank disks, then there’s a serious problem with your drive.

Digital Audio Extraction

Appli-Card on enhanced Apple IIe. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: Optical Drives available for All models iBook: We tested it out in Sandra to get the following results: I will ship internationally but to Canada only. After disk 1 was loaded and the system restarted, it prompted me for disk 2 of the install CD set the 4 CD retail set, Version Original iMac Intel, Alu 20″: What type of installation did you do? You’d use the generic-style bezel that comes with your new drive, not pretty but it’d work.


I hope we aren’t just missing some simple explanation.

I do not get an error or anything. The system install, together with Adobe Acrobat 7.

Penryn MacBook Pro 17″: Recycled, Early Mac Pro: Only iPhoto remains to be installed now and it’s dd really needed. Mid MB Pro Unibody 15″: You do not need to introduce this file. Regarding CD-R, this driver supports just for read. Laptops are always so tightly packed.

New ASP The installation difficulty depends on your machine and I suggest you take a look at the User’s Manual for your PC. Sort products Product Name Price, ascending Price, descending.

Every time I have reinstalled PantherDisc 2 has been used automatically. Cookies must be enabled to use Listia. Mid PowerMac G5: It’s simply a device driver for Windows in case you need it for whatever reason most often not.

clamshell ibook- help! broken cd drive? | Applefritter

Thanks for the question. Try running a file or reading a text file to see what happens – it could be just a driver issue. Mar 7, 9: Identify My Mac Serial. We also sell rm drives, new retail drives and new OEM Apple branded drives.


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