I did some tests but have random memory exceptions as well as strange behaviour when trying to insert data reading data seems to work fine. I just upgraded notes to 9. The ecosystem provides business collaboration functionality, including email, calendars, to do lists, contacts management, discussion forums, file sharing, instant messaging, blogs, and user directories. Remove all spaces between IBM entries Copy notes. Now we try to connect to server from our application through OdbcConnection. You have to download the version which is same with your Lotus Notes client, not operating system. Click “Save List” and then “Close”.

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The environment uses this user to access data for the running applications. It is really a detail one.

Thursday, Noteasql 3, 6: Disable the Lotus Domino Services to make sure they don’t start when you restart the machine you really need to this, otherwise the odbc connection will not work. It allows ODBC-enabled data reporting tools, database tools, and application development tools to read, report, and update information that is stored in Domino databases NSF files.

Hi, I have problem with NotesSQl 8. You need to restart your computer so that the variables can be loaded.


It is not available on the regular NotesSQL page. Choose to configure it as a “Domino Utility Server” when asked.

C# – Lotus NotesSQL Driver install, configure and connect to server through ODBC – HintDesk

Configure Lotus Domino Server Even though you will not actually use the server. Create one if you don’t have it.

You can use the defaults for everything. For example, in my case, paths of.

How to access legacy data from Lotus Notes / Domino applications

Create one if you don’t have it. The parameter MaxVarcharLen is optional because my fields of table in Domino have length longer than bytes default valueI have to set this value so that I can read all content out. Notesql driver 32 bit. Do you have any suggestions on converting NotesSQL time column to date? It is possible that other version of the ODBC file installer are needed for different Notes versions. Option 2 should be possible but does imply an additional redirection as you cannot manipulate the database which is managed by OutSystems.

How to access legacy data from Lotus Notes / Domino applications – OutSystems

You can find in attachment the sample Lotus application I’m using in this tutorial. NET Managed Providers https: Just click next until the last step. Help us improve MSDN.

Hi, i get the error message in section 3, no matter which version of the driver i use.


I would like to know if someone has the same issue and how he has solved this problem please Now I have nsf file on my local machine and lotus notes. For the OutSystems applications indtall be able to access the data of the linked server in runtime you need to change the permissions of the OSRuntime database user. It may be helpful for Java developers. Report is designed in crystal report 9 and i have window install notesssl my system.

Views are my own.

C# – Lotus NotesSQL Driver install, configure and connect to server through ODBC

Dear Admin, Thanks for your post, its very useful. If you’re using 32bit the steps will be different. Thursday, May 3, 5: Traveler 9. The code above just demonstrates how we can build a connection to Domino server and read data out such as which ntoessql and views are available in database. Friday, May 4, 9: The device is not ready.

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