I second the the wish to be able to text through from the sim via the mac, would be great. I’ve had the same problem, have managed to make the E last longer by using the USB cable as opposed to plugging it directly into my mbp Install the modem driver, then connect to the internet from your Mac Network Preferences. Jul 23, 8: Found your info applied settings as instructed – perfetto e tutto bene! Hi Jan, Thanks for the tip – was getting very frustrated trying to get my new Web n Walk to start up earlier.

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Only after i kill the netcnfgtool under the activity monitor i can chage my settings. I tried checking advanced PPP “Connect automatically My partner has a PC and downloaded the T-Mobile web accelerator which fixed this issue, can anyone help resolve this on Mac.

Hope this helps those who have problems. Your tip was a great help.

I’ll mainly be using it in Edinburgh where the signal strength seems better though! Especially the one with connecting to the internet without using mobile partner.

Hi everybody, I need the help people who use Mac high Sierra.


Huawei TE Desktop for Mac Firmware & Software Download – Huawei

Thanks for your advice! Hi all, I’ve had all the issues mentioned previously, I have even had an issue with Safari not connecting although Firefox oa.

I conducted the installation with the following set up: The button save is pressed but no changes are saved. I’ve also tried using a powered USB hub to power the device but sadly, it still overheats. August 11, at Yeah it seems like T-mobile contracted it out on the cheap, there are even two different versions of the manual, the one on the mobile and the one on the stick Thank you very much!

Thanks Ronnie, hopefully that will help others in your situation. So it must be the MAC driver that is ‘crappy’.

I had similar issues with MBP Unibody 2. I have Mac Sierra 10, Seems like it likes to have a good strong signal to get the best speeds.

Upgraded to OSX On a related issue, every time I plug the Huwei modem in it acts like a memory stick and opens a folder with the web’n’walk installation app and user manual. You can get a t-mobile branded version of launch2net free from the tmobile site.


Huawei Mac OS X Driver Installation

Mmac is my Passion! Sorry about the email verification – I’ve replaced the script – its failed a few now but the new one shouldn’t cause any problems. Guess it would be nice to see SMS support in there too. A lot easier than seting everything up!

I’ve had the same problem, have managed to make the E huaaei longer by using the USB cable as opposed to plugging it directly into my mbp Thanks for any help!

TE Desktop for Mac

I have been using my web n walk happily for some months now on my MacBook, but just now I can’t connect to anything that is on port Here are the steps:. I am using E If there are any problems cancelling, write to OfFcom.

Cheers, Gee Are Reply. Jul 24, 4: I just mc my E using the latest update on the t mobile site on a windows machine.

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