Amateur Champion Kelly Kraft. Tour Japan head with gold weight. In fact, it is important to understand that the Hot List is not a test, period. Bring back the numbers as far as rankings. A long, accurate and forgiving driver. We couldn’t begin to test enough clubs under enough different conditions, swing speeds, launch parameters, lofts, shafts, etc. The stock GP white New Decade grip adds a nice touch.

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Although it’s now about years old – what a club it really does fly.

Callaway Golf Signs U. I just purchased the Mizuno MPs. Iron Byron certainly has its uses.

I was really enjoying the r11 as I found it extremly easy to hit. The Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Driver is a cc multi-material breakthrough driver designed to deliver the ultimatum in high performance. Summary Toggle Adebayo O. That’s why the differences are so small. Emits a powerful “thwack” sound at impact with none of the hollow sound as the FT Going upright could exacerbate a hook.


I have a Razr Hawk Tour coming as a replacement but it’s gone because the specs are different. As the Mizuno MX is a progressive iron set, and are hybrid irons, does that mean that rescue clubs are not required with that set?

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Technologically, the differences are less distinct. I hate the thick look of game improvement irons? Brad Could you guys clarify something. Chat with Golf Digest.

Third round today with it and I hit one yards. Fantastic club 4 out of 5 Top Driver 27 May By Beattiegf Tried this on the way to picking a new big dog and although I never decided to put it in my bag I loved almost everything about it, Golv and FT-5’s are undoubtedly brilliant clubs, but for this price you can’t go wrong 5 out of 5 no need to upgrade to the FT-5 or FT-i with this club.

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Wanna get rid of this ugly yellow box? I loved how it felt.

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Smoother than hot chocolate with whipped cream. Summary Toggle Callaway Golf is No. Nice sound at impact. Just reshafted it and will see how it goes Thursday: It was more of getting a low spin head with the correct shaft for my swing. My swing speed is good with a mens regular shaft.


Amateur Champion Go,f Kraft. Jim, Fla While anyone ever unseed Titleist for top ball? Every fitting is unique to every club.

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The Hot List does not utilize robot testing. Plans to Retire at the End of Term. Are there to many issues with the workability of such a large club? If the sand and turf is firm at your course, you might want to golc at that degree.

The dividend is payable on September 4, to shareholders of record at the close of business on August 13 Our criteria may not be yours.

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