The units, are approx 75mm x 35mm x 25mm. As soon as the call is terminated, the next call in the list is automatically dialed – until the end of the list is reached. They sometimes make a small charge for this. Some, but not all phone system manufacturers offer a TAPI driver and some, but not all phone system vendors are aware of what a TAPI driver is all about. Generally speaking you will require a third party Tapi driver. Return to Switchvox Developers. Asterisk Forums Please hold while I try that extension.

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Again a driver called a TSP needs to be installed and configured on the workstation or server. The predictive dialer creates calls on the server, waits for the outcome of the dial and then transfers the call to an agent when it detects that it is connected to a live person. Information on the Siemens HiPath third ogldmine solution can be taip on their website at http: In first party configuration, a device called a CTA is attached to the telephone extension line of the user.

Click images to enlarge. If your telephone system maintainer is not knowledgeable in this technology, please contact us for assistance. In theory it should work, I am just wondering if someone has tired it. Tapi Link for GoldMine will present calling party contact details over any Windows application when the phone is ringing and searches not only the main telephone number Phone1 but any other telephone number associated with that record Phone2, Phone3 as well as all numbers listed under the Additional Contacts Tab.

Each state falls into one category or another, please refer to the documentation to establish which category your state falls into.


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When the call is connected it raises the complete atpi dialog box for the agent to complete. Most modern telephone systems support computer telephony integration by using one or both of two methods – first party and third party. Information on the Meridian Communications Adapter can be found on their website at http: Consulting a VOIP service provider would probably be a much more realistic option.

For screen popping there are three elements required. To download the document click on the link below. Some users prefer to see the details of all callers in the Incoming Call Pop-Up screen and auto-hide the screen if the call is answered by someone else. Information on the Goldmkne Desktop device can be found on their website at http: You should not need third party Tapi to do “screen data” transfer. The advantage of Third Party Tapi is that the marginal cost of increasing the enabled number of users is negligible once the hardware has been purchased and installed.

Tapi Link for GoldMine – Screen pop, Dial and much more – CTi Solution

After running the installation program you tapu need to select a few options from the Tapi Link setup screen. Frequently asked Questions about our Products and Solutions.

The Norstar telephone system can be configured in both first party and third party configuration. In third party configuration, a device is attached to the telephone system.

The TSP that comes with the device is installed on the workstation and Tapi Link talks to this driver. We can integrate with all of these APIs if required – contact golmine for more details.


You will, however, need to check that the IVR system and the Tapi driver provided by the telephone system manufacturer is capable of passing this data.

This allows you to decide — how you want information presented, and which particular information you want presented. The third party Tap that comes with the device is installed on the server and is enabled using a license key available from Nortel.

This physical connection carries information about the status of ALL the telephony devices connected to the telephone system. Our products support all versions of Tapi tapk from Tapi 1. The Toshiba DK Range can only be configured in first party configuration. Also, the next logical step for goldmine integration would be to get screen pops when a contact in gold mine calls in.

I did a little research on a Goldmine API and found there are several ways to interact with it. Performance txpi also vary from one modem to another, and modems are of course very old technology, we would therefore recommend more efficient and more modern alternatives such as VOIP.

Information on the Meridian 1 Tapi 2. The 3COM NBX is an IP based telephone system that can only be configured in first party configuration though the communication is via the local area network. Thus it’s most accurate to say that Gildmine has quasi-TAPI support since it doesn’t support fully-compliant TSPs unless they’re linked to physical modems.

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