Recently, when starting bit apps on a Mac, a window appears informing you that the application is not optimized for the current operating system of the Mac. That should allow you to get good blacks and prevent blown out brights. With this transaction Elgato completes its transformation from a PCTV solutions provider to a specialist for app-enabled lifestyle accessories. I will review them. When prompted, please select your country and let the Total TV Player auto-tune for channels. System minimum requirements Operating system:

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Me TV – EyeTV for Ubuntu?

Stupidly long rebuttal to above post with some forum drama: However, I really wanna capture my tapes looking like how they came out when my friend was using EyeTV and for whatever reason I cannot. Cooperation Geniatech and hyybrid AG. When I initially opened that link in your post I was initially surprised how you found that thread until I reread your post hybrie that I had linked it in my original post to which I ultimately reread said post and yes I did.

I will review them. If it helps here’s one of the VCR’s I am using. That should allow you to get good blacks and prevent blown out brights.


Download eyetv 3 Version 3. Latest Software for your Windows.

Elgato Eye TV Hybrid on Ubuntu

That’s why a few examples in my original post, particularly the ones where I was showing off that ‘overlap’, I actually had a few grabs of the video playing in Windows Media Player since the ‘overlap’ is not present there. The sound is fine, the video not so much. Last edited by crissrudd; 24th Apr at Not perfect perhaps but definitely better than the ’09 EyeTV. For the most part he was just as puzzled as I am.

I did overact somewhat.

Elgato EyeTV Hybrid Analog/digital TV HDTV Tuner for Mac

I had many conversations about hybrie repeated capture attempts and he never mentioned TBC or anything else to me. The problem is the waviness form the lack of a line TBC.

For privacy reasons I removed our names. I think you read my reply with malice.

EyeTV capture plugin

However that wasn’t what I was trying to ask about here so I didn’t feel it necessary to actually to reread that thread again before making my original post.

All have the fuzzy effect.

One other EyeTV I tried was this one. Is there any devices and such that you guys might recommend?? You should complete each step of the Total TV Player setup assistant.


I thought that’s what sites like this were for. Once you have activated the eyetv 4 windows, a setup assistant will guide you through the setup and configuration of the Teyetv 4 windows.

By digicube in forum Capturing. Overall, Me TV is an excellent application. Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information in the registry is incomplete or damaged. Collaboration Geniatech and Arrow Arrow and Geniatech accelerate development of scalable IoT solutions through collaboration.

In addition, the new eyetv 3. Another tape I did that had color footage had the same effect. The Device Status in the devices properties window reads: But this must not constitute a business model for copyright trolls. To be honest I’m not very familiar with TBC but at the same time there’s a lot with this that I’m only now being introduced to. Is there perhaps a different capture device anyone here recommends??

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