No support request will be entertained if generic ribbons have been used. How can I upgrade a Firmware? TattooRewrite 1st generation – How to maintain the cleaning rollers? No support request will be entertained if generic ribbons have been used. Tattoo is a card-by-card printer. If you want all the computers on your network to be able to access a single printer, the printer can be networked through a print server, using the LPT port and via a print server.

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Drivers and manuals for Tattoo Rewrite card printer | Evolis

What types of Bar codes can be printed with the printer? How many cards can I print with one ribbon single-sided?

How can I install and configure a ribbon? The coercivity has to be set in the driver before any magnetic encoding is carried out. Versatility Evolis’ flexible solutions to respond to our customers’ needs.

It is not possible at all to reduce it completely. The ink can be applied only once on each side of the card. Quality The recognized quality and reliability of our products and services. For further information please contact us.


Eco-responsibility Evolis’ environmental policy at all levels of the company. Technical Support Our team is able to assist you 7: The driver also broadcasts internal notification and information from the printer. Such cards contain a thermochromatic material that turns visible, or vanishes, according to the applied temperature.

Drivers and manuals for Tattoo 2 card printer | Evolis

Please try our Supplies Finder. Quality The recognized quality and reliability of our products and services. Contact our training team Need help? Evolis UltraClean Kit A for complete twttoo of the printer.

How to clean the cleaning rollers?

Tattoo Rewrite can be upgraded with encoding options, but this is strictly performed at factory level. Where can I find drivers?

Contact our support team. Software How can I evolsi my edition of cardPresso?

Join our mailing list and stay up-to-date on new offers, sales and promotions: Using generic ribbons with an Evolis printer will expose you to printing problems, plus, the warranty will be null and void. I bought a Tattoo Rewrite but I would like to upgrade it with encoding option s.


Drivers for Tattoo

twttoo Highlights Includes a free 6-month subscription to CloudBadging: White lines on the printed cards mean that the print head is unable to heat the ribbon in this zone: Can the card be ejected from the Tattoo? The Stt card or technical test card will provide you with important information regarding the printer: If en error has occurred, the Windows toolbar evplis display a red circle with a question mark on the printer icon.

This issue may be from a dirty print head or faulty print head. How can I adjust the card thickness? No LED is on, including the power button.

Card thickness adjustment is automatic with Tattoo 1st and 2nd generation. During printing, if a card remains in the feeder or gets stuck in the middle of the printer, please check the following taytoo. Search Login Cart 0 Your cart is empty.

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