Unlike most competing handheld scanners, DocuPen scans an entire page, including graphics, in color if desired, rather than line-by-line of text. A handheld scanner misses the mark mac. Now plug the pen in to the USB. If what you want is something not on the Web, such as a page from a reference book in a library, making a photocopy would generally be preferable. In this case, it would be preferable to wait until you are back at your computer and locate the article on the Web.

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Run the pen twain and then drag the Docupen and drop it in to ddocupen Mac applications. When you do that click ok and the scanner will be downloading. If the document moves, your scan will be blurry.

I had trouble coming up with scenarios where I would actually use this scanner. This indicates that the driver is installed correctly.

This warning appears because Docupen has not certified its product drivers in Microsoft’s voluntary logo testing program. Assuming you are no longer at the location where you did the scan, it will be inconvenient or impossible to try again.

This gives you a complete and perfect copy.

mac.column.ted: DocuPen RC800: A handheld scanner misses the mark

The DocuPen may someday evolve into a laudable product. A corrected image is posted on the Planon Web site.


Finally, DocuPen includes an option to add more memory? Double click on MacPenTwain. For example, my DocuPen wound up in a state where it would only hold one scanned item at a time.

A moderate and consistent pace is the key. To download an image I will use as an example Photoshop Elements. Even if you think you have an accurate scan, you have no way of knowing this for sure until you connect the device to your computer.

Scanning a page from a book can be impossible, even if you do everything correctly, if the book is too thick for the page to lie flat. Isn’t this where the DocuPen would shine? During the installation of the Docupen Software, you may see the message possibly more than once:.

Unlike devices such as an iPhone, it’s not small enough to fit in your pocket. It has very few options and even the ones it does have do not always work. However, IRISPen does not work independently of a computer and does not do graphics beyond small images such as a logo.

DocuPen R Docuepn Procedure. Download the latest version of Paperport hereonce you download you will need to email send an email to: Taken together with the DocuPen’s other more serious limitations, there is no way that I can recommend this device. Later, when mmac are back at your desk, you transfer the scans to your Mac via a USB connection. If what you want is something not on the Web, such as a page from a reference book in a library, making a photocopy would generally be preferable.


To download open the Docupen from the Applications and click download bank and follow the prompts. This significantly detracts from its “ever-ready” portability. A handheld scanner misses the mark Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. As there is no way to clear out the device’s memory while you are “on the road,” dcupen are stuck if you find that your DocuPen is filled with scans ddocupen you forgot to erase.

: DocuPen RC A handheld scanner misses the mark – CNET

However, this was not mentioned in the DocuPen manual. Still, when I later connected the DocuPen to my Mac, the new scan was nowhere to docuprn found. DocuPen R Windows Drivers. The first problem is a conceptual one. Otherwise, the DocuPen will wind up spending more time in your drawer than anywhere else.

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