Angle-dependent white glow on the Dell WA from a distance of about 70 cm. Side-by-side comparison with the Eizo S shows that the Dell WA displays slightly less saturated reds. Is there a purpose for this? If you cannot get a monitor that does it all, at least get an inexpensive monitor that satisfies most of your needs. Compliments on the review. The set will be a refurb so you might have to go through a few before you get a good one, but Dell has been pretty patient with the Advanced Exchanges. Well, my desktop has a Dell Ultrasharp FP monitor by native res.

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Search for drivers by ID or device name Known devices: Will Sep 11, at 5: If you are even remotely interested, feel free to send me an e-mail. View our privacy policy before signing up.

I have to confess I watch movies on the Dell most of the time, despite the poor black level. The explanation for the difference in favor of the Dell WA turned out to be quite simple.


If I were you, I would send your panel back to Dell and ask for another…. Jim Plato October 8, at 6: However it is suitable for CPU-intensive tasks. The only hexagonal notch in the center is thought to simplify the heatsink installation.

Dell FP-BLK (Analog) LCD Drivers Free Download For Windows 10/8/7, Vista, XP

Drivers may also be available for free directly from manufacturers’ websites. Mean Oscar July 28, at 2: Is there a purpose for this?

Would the Dell be as horrible as the SW? Hi Melvin; Make sure you have it plugged into a PC.

SOLVED: How to Unlock the Onscreen Display (OSD) on a Dell Monitor

My expectations were pretty high. Visible if you take a close look. Andrzej Dec 21, at After some research this apparently happens when the MENU button is held in for 15 seconds. All 3 points you raise already covered. I would recommend everyone go and check with your own eyes before buying. Jorge Apr 6, at 3: Early in my struggles, I did see a lock icon on the screen for a few seconds.


Gzz on good review. A latch on the back frees the side panel to reveal the innards. 1908pf PC provides plenty of power but maintenance is more difficult than with other small form factor systems we’ve seen.

Archives All posts listed chronologically. Dell Drivers Display Drivers. Ian Matthews December 23, at 3: Question for those who seem not to have lighter corners issue: So, at least for my eyes, it would appear that more pixels and smaller dot pitch rather than higher quality panels is the only thing that will improve the appearance of text.

Very interesting information concerning text and display sizes. Try to get a Rev. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook.

Dustin Jun 26, at 9: Hello, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues. Are there no alternatives?

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