I have forgot to remove the virtual machine from inventory Is there any reason your VMware environment hasn’t been patched or updated? Notify me of new posts by email. Maybe some Linux versions might have problems with that. Did this article help you?

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Although vmxnet3 module is loaded as a module check with lsmod.

Lucas March 22, at To check the required kernel module type ” modprobe vmxnet3 “. I have no control over the deboan of VMware being used. Your VMs shouldn’t be going south. I’m also running a controller on Ubuntu Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Adapter Type is grayed out, even when the virtual machine is powered off.


Feedback Please rate this article. We changed the network card type and re-configured the IP but it couldn’t reach the outside network.

To request a dehian product feature or to provide feedback on a VMware product, please visit the Request a Product Feature page.


Lari Hotari 6. This article did not resolve my issue. Post as a guest Name. Related Resources To interact with this component, access the Preview mode. The performance does seem to get better with newer revisions, but what you are seeing is probably accurate for that vintage.

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Legal Terms of Service Privacy Policy. Have you reviewd this? Related Resources To interact with this component, access the Preview mode.

A virtual machine configured with this network adapter can use its network immediately. If you don’t get an error message you should be fine. This is known as the “ee” vNIC. Learn how your comment data is processed. Doing so will cause the machine to completely lock up. Using promiscuous mode in the Linux virtual machine leads to resolving the performance issue too because activating this mode leads to disabling LRO. Rick March 4, at Top 10 Posts of Virten.

We had a outage when in we changed the Network card type by the method you described in “Change the Adapter Type inside the vSphere Client”. View solution in original post.


Windows Server R2 and Windows 7 require patches.

Copy To Clipboard copy external devian to clipboard copied! The Flexible network adapter identifies itself as a Vlance adapter when a virtual machine boots, but initializes itself and functions as either a Vlance or a VMXNET adapter, depending on which driver initializes it.

Prior to change please make sure that your operating system contains the vmxnet3 driver or you have installed the VMware Tools. But what if the virtual debuan is already installed and running?

Migrate E Adapter to vmxnet3 with Linux Virtual Machines |

I have also created a small step by step guide on how to install Vmware tools on Deebian. This can be done by connection the the ESXi host with SSH or by simply downloading, changing and uploading the configuration file. Thanks a lot for this post!

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