Choose the instance that requires the driver upgrade, open the context right-click menu, choose Instance State , and then choose Stop. If you need to install version 2. Are you using the emulated driver and if so, are you seeing any excessive CPU consumption? Delete or stop the temporary instance you created in this procedure. If you do not see the uninstaller dialog box, choose Red Hat Paravirtualize in the Windows taskbar. The VMs are still slow, but they are at least usable now. In my case it was a w2k8r2 vm.

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To keep data from instance store volumes, be sure to back it up to persistent storage.

Decrementing counter to stoeage shutdown. If uninstalling the drivers citrox giving you an message box saying “the driver is currently used by the following programs: For example, if we set a massive RAM cache – for example 2gb for a Windows 10 desktop.

I jumped over to a different VM that has not been messed with after the XenSever SP1 upgrade, put in the new xs-tools. When Citrix PV storage drivers are not present, secondary drives will not be detected.

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Installation success or error status: The file is located in the folder where you citrox RemediateDriverIssue. Once these have all been uninstalled, reboot the server from within the guest operating system.


The install on the Win2k8 DC stopped after an hour, with a hang on the driver install portion. Ability to create or access a second server. It just seemed very related to the OP.

XenServer Tools Removed by Windows Update

Before running this command, confirm that you know the DSRM password. Lance Tjessem Enthusiast 6 Members 14 posts. At this point, I’m considering doing a hard reboot of both hosts. The instance will not be available for up to 15 minutes. Anyone else having a hard time updating the XenServer Tools from 6.

When I refresh in programs and features it shows that the three things are installed version 6. This may explain why you also run into problems when you try to remove the vss. The VMs are so slow right now, they’re essentially unusable. User Guide for Windows Instances.

Installation failed, too many retires, last error: You’ll need this information so that you can log in to your instance after the upgrade is complete and the instance automatically reboots. If you do a dir on the identity disk it should show the volume serial number at the top of the dir listing.

Troubleshooting PV Drivers

Choose Launch Instance and create a temporary Windows Server or Windows Server instance in the same Availability Zone as the affected instance. Be careful when removing ciitrix, as this has caused BSOD for me in the past. Upvote if you found this answer helpful or interesting.


After the upgrade is complete and the instance passes both health checks in the Amazon EC2 console, connect to the instance using Remote Desktop and verify that the new drivers were installed. On the temporary instance, open the Run dialog box, type regeditand press Enter. If the Amazon EC2 network device has been removed, the script repairs the device, disables the Plug and Play Cleanup scan, and allows your instance to reboot with network connectivity enabled.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Upgrading PV Drivers on Your Windows Instances

Mark this reply as best answer, if it answered your question. In the Disk Management Utility, choose the drive you attached earlier, open the context right-click menu, and choose Offline. By using our site, you consent to cookies.

Locate the root volume of the affected instance.

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