You can edit the track name by clicking on it, waiting a little and clicking again. The “CDex configuration” dialog can be accessed either by navigating to the “Options” menu and selecting the item labeled “Settings” or by using the F4 function key. In the combo box labeled “CD Drive” you can choose the default drive CDex will use for ripping discs if you have more than one. Windows Vista, Amd athlon 1. To save your settings and exit the “CDex configuration” dialog, select the “OK” button. Yes No Select the “Yes” button and the program should open.

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Furthermore, setting the CD-Speed to 1 might help to reduce jitter errors you have to do some experimenting to find out what works best with your drive.

I hope this all helps and good luck. This number of overlapping sectors can be entered in the Read Overlap field, this number should be large enough so there will be enough overlap compensate the miss positioning of the laser.

You might want to give the audio CD a good cleaning before you try again. Insert an audio CD in the drive and start CDex. These are the settings which are responsible for retrieving album and track titles from one of the online CDDB databases. There are many options in the “CDex configuration” dialog, too many to describe in great detail so I am going to focus only on those which are strictly necessary and relevant.


Will this effect the dvd player or anything? Use Question Form such as ” Why? If you have a reasonably fast machine, you should be able to perform other tasks without noticing much of an impact. Such opinions may not be accurate and they are to be used at your own risk.

If you don’t want to use a real email address always make sure that the address ends in invalid. May I ask again, have you recently installed CDex or was this working then suddenly failed? Even if there is a disc in the drive, the list may only display track numbers until the “Remote freedb” section is configured which is discussed later in this tutorial.

It does not have to be a valid address, but you do have to provide one. Select your preferred folders or use the defaults.

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The list is empty if there is no faioed in the drive. I would not recommend setting the bitrate any lower than if the material you are ripping is music.

When the data is successfully loaded, you should see the names of the tracks in the listview. Copying the file wnaspi The program cannot locate data for discs which have been created by you or a third party.

Ripping Music CDs with CDex

Variable bitrate encoding will select a higher bitrate up to kbps in this case for more complex segments of audio and a lower rate down to kbps in this case for less poad segments. Sadly, one has to change the settings with Administrator rights, and hence they will be identical for all users.


If you tab around you’ll notice that there are also data fields for “Artist”, “Album”, “Genre”, and “Year”. If you notice your machine becoming abnormally sluggish during the ripping process, there’s something that you can try which might help.

You can fill these in manually if necessary before ripping the disc. If you run CDex version 1. Also check the Artist, Album, Year and Genre fields.

The program can use CDDB to name and tag each track. You can safely delete these text files, and the status should be cleared. If you press the Enter key while either one of these fields has focus, you’ll be presented with a browse dialog which will allow you to choose a new output folder.

Go back to the “CDex configuration” and in the “Encoders” section locate the combo box labeled “Thread Priority”. Then cdec could write the data track. Unfortunately I cannot test this on a Vista system to be certain but that’s what happens on both Win 7 and Win 8. If you hear strange noises in your MP3 or WAV file, try to increase this number but should of course be less than the Read Sector value.

Internet Explorer or Netscape to determine the proxy address and proxy port.

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