He and Calvin have made a number of shorts together but really found they’re stride during post production on feature films The Oregonian and The Rambler. Now they are, so I pick my battles. Ships to Only United States. Calvin Reeder was one of the first filmmakers I ever contacted on a local level and started to become friends with. Carlos Alberto Fernandez Lopez Producer Seattle based filmmaker who has been working in the industry since Zombie-human relations broke down some time ago because of competing agendas that are just too different to coexist. So it’s just natural to me.

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There is no profit to be made from a short film. I’d have to write it. The perils of having a megastar in a little movie, a high-class problem if there ever was one.

If we want movies to keep evolving we have to contribute, we have to actively influence them. I’m not an improv person — not that I’m against it I just don’t do it. But you can see that I was weird back then.

Calvin Lee Reeder’s THE PROCEDURE and THE BULB by calvin reeder — Kickstarter

If you look at The Oregonianif we took more takes how the hell would we make our schedule? Consider chucking a few bones his way via Kickstarter. I shot a music video this weekend on film, so I still do both.


Reply Share Share this answer: I try to keep dialogue sparse, but I want each word to matter. It’s straight from one brain, amplified by dozens of smarter brains and projected on a screen.

It’s not very classy to takes swipes at other kickstarters whilst delivering a thinly veiled e-beg. Probe the unknown reaches of absurdity and public access television with two gloriously oiledriver new shorts by Calvin Reeder.

Sure, zombie movies existed for at least 60 years before that and throughout that brief time period there have been plenty of uprisings and near takeovers. Calvin Reeder is the master of weird and unnerving short films.

Leave this field blank. His work has also been featured on publications such as No Budge. They chose an uphill battle for a heartstring narrative, in my opinion. Estimated delivery Nov A lot of Maggie lives in those margins. Yeah, and I think we’re gonna make a third fuckin’ short in the same time, with the same budget.

Your films still go for some difficult production elements on these small budgets.

Calvin Lee Reeder

He said, “The cavalry isn’t coming, so you gotta get out there and do it. What things have you done to build your community outside of just being your weird self?


And in the end, someone who you know has to get blasted. Otherwise you’re just looking back too much, instead of looking forward.


I was reading some Godard talking about how short films are “anti-cinema” or whatever. Single 30 Minute Session. With a strange mix of underground horror shock and existential atmosphere, Calvin Lee Reeder made a name for himself with short films like Piledriver and Little Farm. It’s like, great, we’re gonna watch their movies, we’re gonna learn from Bergman, we’re gonna learn from Andy Warhol but also fuck those guys, y’know? I’m all about the screenplay.

Micro-Budget Horror Master Calvin Reeder Returns to his Short Film Roots

He specializes in sound design, after effects, graphic design and yeah — editing. There’s a schedule and you keep the schedule — and if you don’t keep the schedule then somebody gets fired. Cinematographer Lukas Ettlin does a great job of capturing the environment.

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