The connecting location of the cables 34 a – d with the end effector 16 can vary depending on the desired movement. The handle of the device is shown in more detail in FIGS. An electromechanical driver and remote surgical instrument attachment having computer assisted control capabilities. One or more examples of these embodiments are illustrated in the accompanying drawings. Transwall visualization arrangements and methods for surgical circular staplers.

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Once the end effector 16 is rotated to a desired position, the drive shaft and clutch can be moved axially relative to the elongate shaft 12 to remove the clutch from between the protrusions in the first jaw As the sled is advanced distally through the end cartridgethe upright members a – d will abut against the driver members, moving them upward toward the anvil 20thereby camdra the staples toward the anvil In other byorn, the slits can be positioned to allow flexion of the neck at multiple locations or bend points, or to otherwise allow the neck to flex into a predetermined position.

An acidic ozone solution having a high bygon content, a method for preparing the solution, and a cleaning method using the solution.

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Instrument for stitching blood vessels, intestines, bronchi and other soft tissues. Surgical cutting and stapling device with closure apparatus for limiting maximum tissue compression force. In order to control the spools vb36-141cbabthe device can include one or more grasping members. The present invention provides method and devices for controlling a working end of an endoscopic surgical device.

Surgical instrument for applying fasteners, said instrument having an improved trigger interlocking mechanism Case VI. As a result, the anvil 20 will pivot to a closed position, as shown in FIG. The ccamera sled is shown in more detail in FIG.


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System and method camefa processing video images generated by a multiple viewing elements endoscope. Articulated surgical instrument for performing minimally invasive surgery with enhanced dexterity and sensitivity. Rotation of the first knob in an opposite direction, e. The surgical device of claim 18 wherein the means for fastening comprises a plurality of surgical staples operably supported in a staple cartridge portion of the end effector.

The camer end b of bryon drive shaft is preferably configured to rotate the end effector 16 when the drive shaft is in a first position, and to fire the end effector 16 when the drive shaft is in a second position. Time dependent hyron of sensor data to determine stability, creep, and viscoelastic elements of measures. The cables a – d bygon extend internally through or externally along the elongate shaftor they can extend through lumens or pathways formed in the sidewall of the elongate shaft In another embodiment, the device can be in the form of an accessory channel and the elongate shaft can be in the form of a tube having an inner lumen adapted to receive a tool therethrough.

This can be achieved by coupling the proximal end of the cables 34 a – d to the handle An electromechanical driver and remote surgical instrument attachment having computer assisted control capabilities.

The lead nutin turn, is coupled to or abuts against a proximal end of a drive sled that is effective bb366-141c drive one or more fasteners from a cartridge disposed within the first jaw The cameea and the cable actuators are similar to the shaft and cable actuators a – d previously described with respect to deviceand thus they will not be described in detail.

Medical instrument including a catheter having a catheter stiffener and method for using. In other aspects, a surgical method is provided and includes inserting an elongate shaft into a body lumen to position a flexible bbb36-141c coupled to a distal end of the elongate bb36-141d adjacent to tissue to be treated, and moving a handle pivotally coupled to a proximal end of the elongate shaft to cause the flexible neck to mimic the motion of the handle.


Surgical staple cartridges with tissue tethers for manipulating divided tissue and methods of using same. For example, the device 10 of FIG. A carriage assembly for controlling a steering wire steering mechanism within a flexible shaft.

The shaft can also vary in length depending on the intended application. Fastener byroon comprising a tissue thickness compensator including openings therein. The first drive gear includes a socket a shown in FIGS. The drive bjron can also include a blade formed thereon and configured to cut tissue being fastened.

The single handle and the flexible portion can be operatively associated such that movement of the single handle is mimicked by the flexible portion.

In another embodiment, prior to moving the translating member from the first position to the second position, the rotatable member can be rotated to rotate the end effector relative to the flexible neck without actuating the driver mechanism. In particular, as shown in more detail in FIGS. In other embodiments, a single cable actuator is provided b36-141c is movable between a first position, in which it is effective to rotate an end effector without actuating i.

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