Bluetek Commander Oct 12, Regarding these ‘game controllers’.. If you’re debating whether to do a ‘keyboard hack’ or buy a dedicated encoder like an IPAC, then this USB controller hack is a very cheap and viable alternative as it is far easier to hack, far less time consuming, and suffers none of the ‘ghosting’ problems of keyboard hacks. On the surface it looks pretty good.. With five different categories of games including racing, sports, puzzles, action and combat- you can have your pick of the lot. Thread starter Bluetek Start date Oct 5, So without further ado:

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Bluetek Plug and Play 120 Game Controller

Joysitck from the factory: There are of course utilities like joy2key? The zippy sticks are a bit ‘loose’ also known as a ‘long throw’ joystick. That is a good deal for the package. My girl had the cell and she just got home with about 5 messages for local sale EDIT: They’ll ship you a one-off which you can test, and then do a bulk order based on that.

So back to the drawing board I thought the pic with “DONE” on it already was the underneath. We love to see you back. I only ordered 50 units, which they mentioned was “very expensive” due to the low volumes.

Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. D I am releasing it to the public because I think all of the other owners of this joystick should have this privilege too!


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But yes, you’ll need two USB ports. I’m starting to think it takes me less time than hooking up an IPAC! We’re always looking out for you at Shoppingsquare. Metal-Muffin Grand Admiral Oct 6, In the process of getting samples so I can decide where I source them from and will then be selling “pre-hacked” USB, PS2 an maybe dual connection PCBs for what should be a very bluete price.

If you wanted them removable, you’d be best with the SKU: Also, if one of them is not working you should email them and let them know – I’d be surprised bluetdk they don’t offer to replace it.

There are dedicated solder points for all of the buttons this thing was made to be hacked, I’m not kiddingand the PCB is single sided unlike the genuine ones so you can drill a tiny hole through for a stronger solder if you jiystick.

I may have found the holy grail of controller hacks [Archive] – Aussie Arcade

What’s new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Yeah they’re certainly big enough, but if you’re not much good with solder or you think that it’ll move around a bit, a ‘through the hole’ will be much stronger.


I will pull it apart tonight and compare it to DM’s controller for jlystick of soldering etc. You need to do some negotiation, and explanations in very simple, plain English. Some thanks or letting me know it works would be good I looked in the windows registry and I figured out what to do to get it working!

That’d be bloody right, they replied to me and said that because its after 30 days that I have to pay the postage both ways to return and to get a new one posted.

Nemesis in MAME is my bench mark, fast game, lots of moystick and it handles it well.

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I’ll wait until tomorrow to hear back. I will be doing exactly that in the hopefully near future. I wasn’t interested in paying middle men for pushing paper. Actually its not too bad, works well. Metal-Muffin Grand Admiral Oct 12, Its definately a cheaply made product but if you buy one and test that they both work before cracking it open, you should be fine.

I got everything g today.

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