Not changing the modem to Bridged Ethernet may result in double NAT’ing, increased latency, possible IP conflicts, or possibly a network that doesn’t work at all. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. Is your connection timing out? Thank You Very Much! Will any DSL modem work? Step 12 The custom service you created is now available in the Service Name pull down. Connect the Westell directly to the NIC and power up the modem only.

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If you are unable to access the interface check here and make sure your NIC is set to “Obtain an IP address automatically”.

They have remote diagnostics. Modem’s built in PPPoE client used. It is in the expert mode section of their own software!

BellSouth Picks Westell DSL Modems

More details are available Here. You may get a “Settings are successful” message, click on Continue if required. A high CRC count in inself is not really cause for alarm. Thank you so much for this write-up: Select the name or IP currently assigned of the individual wetsell you want to enable IP Passthrough.

Midem are three common ways to configure the Westell to work correctly; each with it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Step 4 After the modem has restarted your Westell is in “Bridged Ethernet” mode and is ready to work properly with a router or PPPoE client from the computer.


For the Base Host Port: Must enter Expert Mode, click on the Configuration button and then click on the Connections button.

Replacing Bellsouth Modem – Forums – CNET

Even though the interface will vary from router to router you must make the following changes as a basic rule: Please try again now or at a later time. Under the Statistics menu and click on Logs in the sub-menu. Manual Mode – Requires you to manually initiate your DSL connection much like a dial up modem configuration. New chipset offers improved performance and detailed monitoring and logging capabilities.

Isolate your inside wiring as a cause by testing from the NID and troubleshoot from there. Any feedback you provide is sent to the owner of this FAQ for possible incorporation, it is also visible to logged in users. NAT function on modem is disabled. Step 6 On to the Westell modem settings!

What’s the difference between a hub, a switch, and a router? More detailed information about the Westell is available here. Because the Westell is actually a router and by default blocks ports, some popular games and applications may not work correctly.


You saved me so much trouble.

BellSouth Picks Westell DSL Modems | Light Reading

There are several alternatives around this problem. After you have made the changes to the Westell you can then reconnect the router and configure it for use with FastAccess. Will ony certain ones work or can I buy anything?

These procedures are based on the 1. Section 2 be,lsouth Accessing the Event Logs Step 4 This step is dependent on your specific Westell model number and firmware.

This will automatically restart the modem and the interface will return after the changes are saved. This router is smaller than most 4 port hubs yet adds even more to the capabilities and reliability of the previous generation Caymans at a lower price. Literally have had no connectivity issues since.

Detailed instructions for this mode are available here. Press the reset button on the back of the modem your modem may look slightly different.

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