So you won’t need any luck, you will shurely know what to do to get this setup to work. Dj Quintana Posted Sun 10 Jun 07 6: Except for the pitch control, which does have slower action, the sliders volume and fader have loose action and can be moved easily, so you have to make sure not to bump them while in the mix because they move freely. Behringer’s support is just awful as usual , so you must dig for workarounds if you’re intended to do something that differs from it’s original purpose for instance, you’ll need some small tunning to use it with the full version of Traktor 3, not the bundled LE. It has a Mic input.

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Posted Tue 12 Jun 07 7: On screen it jumps about.

Behringer B-control Deejay BCD3000 DJ Mixer

This may just be a software or setting problem however. The jog is too small for scratching but hey, digital scratching sucks even if you had a pad of the size of a LP.

Someone who uses them for scratching might get a little annoyed begringer that manafactures flaw. Thats just silly, and is something VDJ dont want to support.


Posted Wed 06 Jun 07 It has a Mic input. I am having a blast, and I haven’t had any problems with the device at all. Posted Sat 09 Jun 07 7: I consider this pretty remarkableconsidering all the hype on their website about therecompany philosophy. Dj Quintana Posted Sun 10 Jun 07 behrlnger But to get aggrivated at him and taking the aggrivation out on him is a behriner out of line.

It does what it says, with a little research you can to even more than it says, but it takes a time to dig for the answers. The effects and how they are laid out is great. Lots of cool options for the price.

It’s a little difficult as a beginner at first to set-up. And now it’s starting over behrknger with BCD3K.

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Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Maybe you should too, rather than being upset with the moderators. The mixer is a simple workstation for laptop DJs on the go.

If you want to scratch, get yourself a pair of MK2s. Posted Sun 10 Jun 07 3: But where are we now?

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – Behringer BCD – VCD ? Does Mic Work

Assignable Controls Four user-assignable controls and buttons are available for an integrated FX section. Once I familiarized myself with where all of the knobs and sliders were, and what they all did, then everything became very intuitive. Other things you can solve with mapper and search in Blogs section for help or on the forum, written many times ; Too bad you couldn’t get Hercules: Just plugged it right in and started.


Your continued level of negativity twords people who are only trying to help behringwr on the forum is misguided. Maybe you will have better luck than me.

Its made completely wrong, and has asio mic at the line in!! Pro or Con depending on the user: Once it’s set-up you are good to go.

Does Mic Work – Page: WHy have you always told us Asio mic might work in the future and you are working on it if you say now Quote: Other than that it is a great midi controller and i would behrinnger buy it if you are looking at any other midi controller in this price range.

It has an acceptable audio quality and externally it doesn’t look cheap.

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