Buy these speakers Phenomenal sound and build quality. Work extremely well outside to cover a larger than you thought possible area. Midrange the speakers excel with the right source material. I think they are a tad too big to put on a computer desk, but may appear slightly too small to use in a home theater. Rated 5 out of 5 by Probes Pierre from Crisp and Clear These speakers reside in a science lab with background noise from fume hoods etc. They are for listeners that know what they are doing and what they want from an audio system. They can easily fill up an entire room without breaking a sweat and still have plenty of range to grow.

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This is nothing like the average short-range Bluetooth earpieces that we are used to see. The bass in a near-field listening experience was tight and was plenty powerful enough to fill a small room.

Good speakers have the effect of making good recordings sound great and making low-quality recordings sound even worse. Although this brand touts itself audioengiine part of the computer audio revolution, I find that these speakers are wonderfully compatible with my old phono player. I turned on the power and the sound was coming out in minutes.

Audioengine A5 Bookshelf Speakers (Black) A5B B&H Photo Video

Out of sight out of mind When listening to a flute, you can hear the air rushing over the mouthpiece. We also see lots more use of the acoustic padding around the wires and inside the cabinet. I have 2 young children and worry about their curious fingers poking the speaker domes. Acoustic piano sounds very convincing as does most acoustic guitar material. The speakers retained quality even at higher frequencies without becoming harsh. Great Speakers for old Phono players!


They’re about 6 inches from the wall and bass is tight and punchy, mids and highs are smooth and accurate. Skip to main content.

Already have an account? The speakers, designed with audiophiles in mind, deliver an impressive 50W RMS output per channel. Inside my house, I was only able to break the connection by placing the speaker in the corner of the basement and walking to the top floor in the opposite corner.

Your HiHat cymbal will not really sound like a cymbal. With good speakers, you should be able to close your audkoengine and pick out the location of any instrument or voice in the music.

Not Specified by Manufacturer. The left unit contains the amplifier ahdioengine all of the internal circuitry while the right unit is passive. I would recommend it to anyone who wants clean sound.

Of course, you can go to your local big box store and grab a pair of cheap bookshelf speakers, but for those that care about audio audioegnine, you’ll want to do some research beforehand. We’re still breaking them in, but they’ll play loud too.


And since she hates the look of audio equipment, we didnt need any amps, preamps, cables, etc, etc. Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from Nice sound, great volume I bought this to listen to my MP3’s in my apartment.

Audioengine A5+ Wireless Speakers Review

Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate. This allows you to use the speakers with your iPod, without draining its battery. They feature high-quality materials, including Kevlar woofers and silk dome tweeters. Audioengind is certainly some room for improvement towards the lower frequencies, but given the size and cost of these speakers, I’m very impressed.

The speakers, wire and other hardware come in very nice Cloth bags, NO plastic wrap here! With a push, this knob can also mute the speakers.

Audioengine A5+ Powered Black Desktop Speakers – A5plusb

Custom-Built Design Audioengine designs and audiosngine the critical components of these speakers, including the tweeters and woofers. These things play loud and have balls.

Sony HT-Z9F – 3.

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