This one’s strange, and may not be true, but it is worth a shot. As far as i can tell from within System Monitor. Experimenting with different options will help for other users who come along and have the same issues. There’s no other difference as far as I know. I found I have his same problem

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Device is in legacy mode, falling back to 2. I stripped down the “Device” section m6-pp my xorg. Well, to get the whole thing working, you need the latest kernel 2.

Drivers that don’t support glcore will produce this error. Each Section configures a different thing.

I decided to do a fresh 6m-p of Edgy. September 1, – Thanks to Eladan Added a paragraph and note after the “apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri”, etc. The “driver claims to not support visual” message is normal. Remaining VRAM size used for pixmaps: I’m just venting, but can someone radeob explain this discrepancy?


Did you run this command? Thanks dude, i understand: I have found that activating console framebuffer before X11 starts hasn’t caused any issues. Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free.

This configuration requires you do not have the word “quiet” in your grub boot list. I despise the “edgily” joke – it’s way overused. Here’s the next part.

Note that you almost can’t see the difference in colors. I’ll definately include this at least in the Troublehsooting section, which WILL be referenced to everywhere to be sure people visit it.

OK, thanks javaJake for your attention Or you found a solution? Never ever ever EVER install fglrx.

ATI Mobility Radeon M6

So for a while Radeln had to stick to -rc3. Is it simply because the driver doesn’t support the higher resolution? I realy had no Issues yet: Hi there, I have the same problems with my Thinkpad T30 but could not be a solution, to use standard RAM for grafical temporary space?

I booted from Mobiluty One live cd and had 3d rendering working 1st time and it looks lie their using the open source ATI.


Radeon kms works!

My OS is feisty with all upgrades available to date. Well, it works, but shakily. Um, this isn’t working at all.

Silken mouse enabled [ As I understand sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri installs updated driver linkx what is the purpose of these commands? Configuring as mouse [ Total number of valid FP mode s found: Screen 0 is not DRI capable It absolutely is the cause.

Yes”, then your all set.

Anyway it’s way better performance than I expected, I think it handles moving windows around as fast as Metacity, but there’s no artifacts.

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