Show More Show Less. All in all, quality BIOS. With their own employees making grand claims, it was only fair to test things out on the overclocking front. The rest of the layout is standard. Every is as it should be in that respect.

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The lowest-priced item that has been restored to working order by the manufacturer ‘manufacturer mothebroard condition’ or an eBay seller or a third party not approved by the manufacturer ‘seller refurbished condition’. Price isn’t the main driver for someone looking for a performance system however.

Intel have been slashing the price of their Pentium 4 processors for quite some time now. Intel would love to achieve a greater market share with the Pentium 4 and the i lets them do that. Being an engineering sample with a full choice of any multiplier, what better to test out the overclocking possibilities of the board.

Far easier to diagnose than listening to a load of beeps or looking up a POST code in your Epox manual don’t you think? Just a quick glance at the following POVRay bench results tells you that everything is within spec and running motherobard.

ASUS P4B, Socket 478, Intel (P4B/SWA/6P1C-UAY) Motherboard

As expected, with all other things static and the FSB increasing, we see the expected score increase of points. 4p8 were kind enough to send us their i based board for the same CPU at the same time.


This item may or may not be in original packaging. Best Selling in Motherboards See all. Quite a few choices for the P4 buying public. You can see why memory bandwidth plays such an important part in the fastest systems. The Asus Implementation So what have Asus done to the i?

As far as expansion and upgrade capability, the P4B is great. Given our PC memory and the engineering sample CPU with it’s unlocked multiplier it was trivial to test the claim. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

The means all P4 Socket sinks are guaranteed to always fit so there will be no questions like on some AMD boards when using 80mm sinks like the Alpha and Swiftech’s famous MC range. The menu layout for the CD is excellent. What’s not so impressive is that you need an expensive graphics card and very expensive 2Ghz CPU to achieve the score. Audioengine N22 Integrated Amplifier.

ASUS P4B, Socket , Intel (P4B/SWA/6P1C-UAY) Motherboard | eBay

motherbozrd Personal preference dictates that a top edge placement is best for me, however anywhere near the top extremities isn’t a bad thing. The board is packed with onboard headers for extra items like a smart card reader and their iPanel for system monitoring.


It’s just a shame about the overall performance. With a low cost chip that operates with low cost memory and also provides a couple of extra, useful function effectively for free like AC’97 audio and Ethernet then you can see how a P4 box can be made very cheaply indeed. Manufacturers can create solutions based on the chipset without worrying about the high resulting price tag. Asus call this EZPlug. Oh look, the P4B has been announced: Starting from the top left we hit the most dominating feature of the board, the Socket enclosure.

Lastly in the layout, dotted around the board Installation was painless. Lets see if that holds out. Finally, a quick run of Aquanox at the higher FSB gives us the following. I heard rumours of 2. However if you look at the chipset in the way that Intel did when it designed it, you begin to see the point. Show less Show more.

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