Don’t have an account? Again, they look good, but are not so good to use, requiring some effort to press due to their size. Federal Communications Commission Statement Loudspeaker The loudspeakers sound somewhat dull and can not really convince. How to upgrade your gaming area with lighting, speakers and more. On the right of the controls are more indicator lights, for from left to right Power, Battery charge, new email and wireless connectivity.

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In the test of susceptibility for creation of streaks the level 6 could be achieved in the program Pixperan, and thereby is inconspicuously average. Another downpoint for some would be its reflective nature, a trade-off for the notebbook display, but does not bother me much.

Review: ASUSTeK A6JA ‘Napa’ Notebook – Laptop – – Page 2

Sporting a Dual-Core T 1. Pc Card pcmcia Socket The battery life is very good.

Notebook Pc Information Ir Wireless Communication on Selected Models Left Function and Control keys should be switched. Not big deal, but there is some heat.

Asus A6Jc Review

The colors are very bright and everything looks much better and sharper that on my old CRT display. Using The Optical Drive With a weight of 3.


If you use a 2. Due to my need to travel to Canada in a few months time for half a year, the 2-year global warranty was very attractive, with the service centre very near my future residence. The left side of the notebook just has the optical drive view large image. Using The Touchpad Note that both hands are required to open as there are two latches on either edge at the front, probably due to the placement of the webcam.

The A6J did not offer considerable results according the battery runtime. Keyboard As A Numeric Keypad Next, the Hotkey software does not allow customization of software. Altogether four USB noyebook.

I would prefer if it would alert you of new mail through the indicator lights whether the email program is open and work with any client rather than just Outlook. They did not have a better deal ssus a recent PC show here, so I figured the price is more or less fixed and went to bargain for freebies with the retailer instead. I could have chosen some HP, Sony or LG notebooks which are also available here, but their price range was beyond the budget I allocated mainly due to costs from customs issues.


ASUS A6J Notebook Reviewed

I cannot be more pleased. However, it is a great product for students, casual-hardcore gamers, and power users. And I like the ASUS screensaver, it makes use of the sounds, animation and even the webcam to conjure a cool effect. Slight changes of the brightness are possible. Introducing The Notebook Pc The double hook sealing system is handled by two slidegate valves, which are functioning separately from each other.

ASUS A6J notebook

Compared with my Pentium 4 2. Not much to look at, and not exactly good to use either.

Video And Silent Video Mode Touchpad can be easily assus if you use a mouse and the Power button is for, well powering your notebook on and off. Still, assuming it does not malfunction, adapter heat should rarely be a problem.

The Power-on Self Test post

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