External USB Soundcard 2. There is ms of delay between the “Expected sleep” line and “Loop” line, which is not normal. View all comments or add a comment. Scheduling delay of 4. Here is a photo of setup:

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drivers – Problems with Audio device (ALC) – Ubuntu – Ask Ubuntu

To enable the microphone, I had to select “Mic” and not “Front mic” in the linuux tab as first capture device. Changed in alsa-driver Ubuntu: We are looking for the first kernel version that exhibits this bug: The bug task representing the vivid nomination is being closed as Won’t Fix.

Find corresponding driver module for Onboard Soundcard: However, the following problems might occur on some setups: Now I should consider becoming a farmer instead. To sum up our IRC discussions, a few things to try are: I get no sound at all and it doesn’t even show up in the “sound settings tab” so maybe it’s a driver gone wrong issue with I too had a problem with mic not working with playback OK, and it turned out that probably due to model mismatch in snd-hda-intel options the capture volume controls were mislabeled and the slider that was responsible for the microphone was the one with “Digital” caption.


No other devices show up in F6 Edit: Blog Linux user number: This file is here: Although I don’t have an answer for you, I hope this gives you some insight into the issue we are having. Comment on this change optional.

At this stage, top shows:.

[ubuntu] Help with Realtek ALCA driver install

You need to log in to change this bug’s status. Thank you for your interest in this question.

Node 0x0a [Audio Input] wcaps 0x Node 0x15 [Pin Complex] wcaps 0xd: The funny thing is that the os can see my external usb audio that for most people isn’t working without removing fwupd and simply ignores the on-board audio. This is usually front right, but on some occasions also works with muting front left.


It’s been a month and still no official solution by Canonical. Jun 3 ’16 at Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.

Scheduling delay of 5. Restoring device for stream sink-input- by-application- name: Still have problem with volume reset of spdif output, on both creative and intel hda. Please try to get a log from PulseAudio when this happens, see https: Tue Aug 17 IEC should be device 1 card 2: Using resampler ‘speex-float-1’ Jul 19 I did what you suggested, didn’t change alc898.


Download full text I tried pulse but not alsa. Brad Figg brad-figg on

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