We may disclose personal information to respond to legal requirements, enforce our policies, respond to claims that an activity violates the rights of others, or protect anyone’s rights, property, or safety. Enter key to make selection or confirm what you enter. Please refer to 3. Click Apply to activate this new password. If the monitored IP address does not respond, the system will send an e-mail to notify the administrator that such destination is not reachable. There are two simple ways to configure the system: Now, the set up has been completed.

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Click this to enter the Upload User interface. The assigned Channel of the Wireless port. It is case sensitive, must not exceed 32 characters and may be any character on the keyboard. SSL encrypted web interface.

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Enter text from picture: Select a time period to get a period report. This does not affect the warranty for the product itself.

The unit of data transfer is byte. Click Apply to save the settings. This indicates that a airlivee and successful restart process has finished. Then click Submit to complete the upload process. Click Create to create a new account. Choose Uploaded Page and click the Browse button to select the file for the logout success page upload.


Choose Uploaded Page and you can get the login page by uploading. Page 25 An authentication method has to be selected from one of the five options appeared in this window Local User is selected for this example. This section is for merchants to set up an external payment gateway to accept payments in order to provide wireless access service to end customers who wish to pay for the service on-line. Users without the network access right can still have a chance to experience the actual network service free of charge.

Although it does not require a username and password for the connection via the serial port, the same management interface can be accessed via SSH.

AirLive WIASG User Manual | Page 62 / | Original mode

All of the functions of the system can be performed with sias-1200g simple few clicks. When the browser of a user attempts to connect to a website, the AirLive WIASG will force the browser to redirect to the user login webpage. Enter a keyword of a username to be searched in the text field and click this button to perform the search. This field may contain any format of information.

Enter the source and destination IP addresses. The operator can only access the configuration page of Create On-demand User to create and print out the new on-demand user accounts. Click Apply to activate this new password.


The port of the authentication server. A fee will be charged for production and shipment for each copy of the source code.

The first name of a customer associated with the billing or shipping address of a transaction. Choose I agree to accept the terms of use and click Next. Making Payments via Authorize. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Click OK to complete the process or click Cancel to revise qirlive data or cancel this transaction. Monitor Ip List 4. Please confirm the data and the click OK to go on the transaction or click Cancel to revise the data or cancel Page The IP address of the wireless port. Page Home Page: If the screen does not appear in the terminal simulation program automatically, please try to press the arrow keys, so that the terminal simulation program will send some messages to the akrlive and the welcome screen or the main menu should appear.

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