May 26, , Yeah we have it easy compared to countries that buy gas by the liter. If you have lost access to your email, can you try an email change rqeuest here: Mar Member Location: Thanks for the pics. I suppose if you just used it close to home it would work pretty good. I know most ‘s do, ‘s maybe?

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I do know that if you cant put a liquid in your tank, you wouldnt get very far. Plan on carrying every adapter. Find More Posts by sethmcalister. Propane, the other alternative fuel curbside classic. If you have them together without the right fitting, when you go up hill, the higher tank will siphon into the lower tank.

It has a great range of 5 psi all the way up to 26 psi of boost with plenty of airflow that matches great with the 22r.

That is with full width axles and lifted. From what I understand you loose very little to no horsepower with running propane,you might loose up to 1 mile per gallon and the motors seem to run cooler. I’m going a ways away tomorrow or tuesday to go fishing, so I’ll probably top off the tank so I can see what my mileage is like.


As the 22r is my daily driver and they are pretty heavy on fuel for such a slow car i would like to do something about it. As gas prices increase, the gap between propane and gas will close assuming the price of propane does not increase. This carburetor does not come with provisions to run a kickdown cable for an automatic transmission.

22r propane daily driver

Find More Posts by odtoy. Logged toyyota Rock Master Turtle Points: If you drive normal June 17, New members MUST follow through with an email or their membership will not be approved. Does propane run cleaner that gasoline?

I don’t run it, but I wouldn’t hesitate to. Search Media New Media. The last thing is it will take mins at the fuel station to fill it up and you have to find daipy station that has propane aswell, id definetly have a backup tank that’s always full. Your privacy is respected, and your email address will never be shared. If I sound like an idiot, I did start out as I am a nubee.


And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission. Here is the post that I read https: Old Build New Build.

Propane Conversion Parts – Propane Kits, Parts, and Accessories : Toyota 22R and 22RE Propane Kits

I started this thread instead of answering questions on other peoples threads. Originally Posted by stormin June 02, Feb Member Location: Find More Posts by stormin Find More Posts by red If you would like to help save the Pripane, send money to the Rubicon Trail Foundation. I see now see how the turbo is mounted to the manifold. Register Now In order to be able to post messages on the Pirate4x4.

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